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Originally Posted by canucklion View Post
No negativity towards you intended.

I just don't want you to get your hopes up for what has been in development for 3+ years now. Whole bunch of tuners claiming to having chips for 325/330 a while back... got us nothing. No concrete dyno results, no concrete gain.

I appreciate you trying it out and reporting back the results nonetheless. I hope it really works this time around.
I am sorry if I sounded a bit too harsh on your previous statement.
I didn't know this many people would contribute to this thread. I hope I am not causing too much trouble by posting the original message to the forum.

And yes, I understand the ECU tuning without any further modifications such as exhaust, header, CAI, etc, may be a waste of money. Since powerchip is giving me the first opportunity to try it out, I guess I will try it. If, however, it turns out nothing special, I will definitely ask for full money refund.

This will be my first dyno test as well, so overall I am very curious of what the software update will bring. I just hope that I don't sound like a rice racer who wants to do all ugly stuffs just to make the car go fast for stupid reasons. I hope what i try to do to my car is to make the overall daily driving a bit more enjoyable than what it is.

I know it is a blasphemy. I am driving a BMW, the ultimate driving machine, so I really shouldn't want anything more .

See you guys on Monday night!!!
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