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Smile $$$ LOOK! My Retirement Plan with a MODEL (Philippines)

Hello E90post!

Before anything else, I would like to dedicate this to my country:

The model is my sis so no funny remarks!

I am nuts about automobiles particularly German engineered ones and really appreciate the money, effort, work and craftsmanship other people have put in their rides.

Now, I humbly present to you my project car... With all the engine and performance mods, she now has a little over 400HP. The hood is made by Vorsteiner in pure Carbon Fiber. I just painted over the center portion of the hood to match the body color thus giving it an accent of CF.

The inspirations for my transformation were ///OSS, pmmeke and kenntona.

She has been featured in Auto Extreme (local TV show) and has bagged 8 trophies in 7 major car shows here in the Philippines. Mostly best Euro and best BMW. She has been featured in 2 international magazines and 2 local magazines. She has also been featured in a Japanese website and a local website.

I kept on dreaming and visualizing on getting featured in one magazine. I ended with quite a few. Visualize and it will materialize -law of attraction. I hope I can be an inspiration to all of you.

Now it's time for me to retire from the modifying scene. There goes my 401K. I'm keeping the car but will be expanding my business and taking care of my investments and thus will have less time to post on forums.

Thanks for viewing and thank you everyone here at E90post for being an inspiration to my ride. Thank you also for all your valuable inputs and opinions that has lead to the transformation of my ride.

Shoutout: Thanks to JLEVI, Jojo of DPE, Craig@supremepower, Nate@IND, Europrojektz, ///OSS, Remmib, Breyton-BMW, from330citom3, dronell19, deafboy, Presns323i, NorthJersey 3er, FLPSIDE, Yellowmann, A55A55IN, aznazasin, Deda, endy, exacc, thealbert, PaCman328, kenntona, pmmeke, cyba, FifthStreetz, jhvalley, Bluecougar, tem0618, drZ, simpOman, ///sniper, G8Btech, Bimmerchop, l taylor, ACS Rob, koven, d23, -Jay-, C Digital 323CI, kpeng, I might not get to mention all of ya but you know who you are...

Auto Extreme TV Show:

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Eurotuner (USA):

Performance BMW (UK):

C! Car Magazine (Philippines):

Top Gear:

ES4 Automotive Website Feature (Japan):

Autoindustriya Website Feature (Philippines):

Trophies and Awards:

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