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Originally Posted by Palmball View Post
LOL LOL LOL Oh if only....a secret spy, an assasin, a porn star!! I can only wish!

OK..I actually work for a well known mobile phone company and looking at the posts from another member and the language used, it is more than likely the same one as him! A clue? Well, it ain't phones4u!

My occupation within this organisation is Head of Sales for three of their online brands (therefore totally seperate from the retail side) and I basically manage a large(ish) sales team and make sure we make money.

Which isn't always easy.....

Which means I'm also supposed to know what I'm on about......

But it does pay the bills!

....and yes, before anyone asks, there may be an opportunity to do some deal for the forum members individually!

Phew...that was lucky!

In these tough times, my employer (remember, a famous mobile phone company) has decided to make my job (and a few others) redundant! Instead of a separate Head of Sales (my current/old job) and a Head of Customer Service, it was decided that they could save some cash and create a new position called Head of Contact Centre which means a whole lot more responsibility and not a lot more cash.

However, it's still a good career move and I'm glad to say that I've excelled in the selction process and got the job! RESULT!

That means I can keep the M6 nicely fed and a roof over mine and the girlfriends head (and in that order too...priorities you see!).

So, I've just escaped a brush with the credit crunch...for now!