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I am really sorry for letting you all down.
I didn't mean to 'flake out' by any means. I just don't think I can keep the process of the uncertainty because of the work schedule. It's a very long drive from here to powerchip's office in Costa Mesa.

Hopefully when they have everything done and ready so I can stop by, get it done in a given time they promise, I will try it again.

Once again... my apologies to you all... I really mean it.

I kinda don't want to blame Powerchip for everything though. They asked me if I'd reschedule for another time and they'd pay for the Dyno. It was very nice of them to say so, but I refused it.

I am sure Jeremy was really sick for today, so I don't want to blame him for being sick. It's something you can't control, so I am ok with that.

I just think it was not the right time for me to get it. Things happen in people's lives, and I am sure powerchip has its own reason why things didn't work out the way expected.

Ok, enough BimmerFest forum for today... gotta get back to work.
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