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Originally Posted by therealm3
^^ Because it has been proven to not meet BMW specs for recommended oil.

300B - Why do you feel the owners manual is the holy grail? You just keep saying the owners manual says so, over and over again. E90Fleet has provided more than enough information (different sources as well) to show that what he is saying is the case. Personally I would believe an internal BMW service system/document before the owners manual. The owners manual is a static document with possible errors, while the service info is fluid and realtime. It contains the latest information.

I don't care if you run Mobil1 5-30 in your car. I hope it works out for you. The rest of us will go with BMW factory oil or Mobil1 0-40. I think it is time to agree to disagree.

So your telling me BMW NA is too stupid to know they have been recommending the wrong oil all this time right .