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Originally Posted by therealm3
But it has the same oil requirements. LL01. Therefore the data is applicable.

Are you a Mobil 1 sales or marketing rep specializing in 5-30w oil? I can't think of any other reason someone would be so adamant and passionate about a specific type/weight of oil.

I am a huge fan of Mobil 1 and have been using it all my cars for years. They make a great product so long as you use the correct one.
No I am not.

I like to go by the owners manual recommendations and here is what they say:"BMW continously approves specific oils after confirming their suitability for use in it's vehicles with extensive testing." Page 120

Also in the service and warranty information book on page 4 it states:

"At the time of this printing of this booklet,the following oils are strongly recommended and approved by BMW"

M1 5W30
M1 5W40

This info applies to all 06 E90's sold here in the US.

I like to use thinnest group 4 oil I can use.
It will result in better fuel economy and less wear.