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Originally Posted by midlife View Post
if u guys are sure this is normal, i will worry less (i am off waranty in 7 months).
btw, that ticking noise i have with cold starts, is that the wastegates ? - cause it does not sound like injectors.
i have a same noise that is coming from left side(driver side) of engine...
talked to shop foreman about that noise...had to drop my car at night and went back to the dealer to confirm that noise with a shop foreman (only happens after morning cold start)...he said clicking noise is coming from Solenoid valve ...we checked 2 other 335s and they were making same clicking noise BUT mine was louder. (click click click vs CLICK CLICK CLICK ) he wasnt sure if it was normal or not...anyways they are going to put a new Solenoid valve and check again...