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Originally Posted by Jenny09E82 View Post
Finally got the answer from our Techs. There is a Service Bulletin that says they know it's a problem but don't have the software yet to reprogram it. They said for now wait about 10 seconds to turn on the heated steering wheel after you have started the car. They said if you have on the radio, the heated seats, the climate control, etc it is too much of a load and the least needed thing is the wheel so it turns off. We've had some cold snowy weather here and I tried it and the wheel heats up every time. If there is a software update that comes out I'll let you guys know!
Thanks Jenny!

I, too have had this problem recurring on my 2-month-old E90. It's exactly as people have described it here, and it works about half the time. Light comes on for 10 seconds, then it shuts off. I had found that it only gets fixed if I restart the car (would do so at the next traffic light, etc.)

No similar problems with the seat heater, etc.

I appreciate this info from you and from now on I'll pay attention to the order I turn stuff on, to see if it works.

It would be great if you could indeed keep us informed in this thread if you hear of a real fix!