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Originally Posted by iScream View Post
Don't get me started....

10 months and every sw version you can think of, plus new turbos, new actuators.

I never really cared that much about the rattle. But the funniest thing is, I never had any rattle until I got 29.2, which was supposed to be the fix!!

The rattle is now finally gone with new parts and v32.1, but so is some of the power and gas mileage. Big boo-boo.
you guys have to realize that just getting 32.1 or 32.2 may not fix the lag you are complainging about.

per meyergru in the lag (stickley) thread:

Procedure for vehicles up to September 2007 production:

Using ISTA/P 2.32.1 or a more recent version, (after the software update, go back into 32.1 and) select "Conversions", and then select "Wastegate valve conversion".
Follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall the original waste gate operation.

my note: this wastegate fix and 32.1 cannot be fully installed with the old bmw machines that run the older " bmw programs ...."
your dealer must have the new ISTA machines and ISTA programs.

here is the last page of the lagix thread
warning it is 186 pages now and you may have to dig, but i believe the above is what the dealer needs to know and do.

hope this helps
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