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Originally Posted by lablueguitar View Post
Thanks I'll look into meyergru's posts. To clarify: I believe they changed the actuators, then upgraded my car to 29.2 during last year's visit. In my previous visit, i brought my SA the March SIB, told him that the car need to be updated to the latest. they looked at the SIB and told me my car has all the updates, nothing more they can do.
you need 32.1 or 32.2 installed first.
... and then they need to go back into your ecu with the same software and give you the OPTIONAL wastegate fix.
if the assh*les at your dealership cannot do this, go to anthother dealer.
under most circumstances (if you complain about lag), dealer should update you for free.

even if you had to pay for the OPTIONAL wastegate retrofit (lagfix), it would be worth it IMHO.

see my bmw SIB bulliten post one up from this.

good luck
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