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Pre-ordered a 2010 335i Coupe / DCT coming???

Ok, so I pulled the trigger and "pre-ordered" a 2010 335i Coupe with all the goodies I currently have on my '07 335i + a few more!

So, here's the thing...the '09 335i in Europe has the 7-speed DCT tranny as an option, so I went ahead and had my CA add the 7-speed DCT tranny as my first choice tranny (with my 2nd choice being the same 6AT if the DCT is not available).

My thinking on this is that BMW will make the DCT available here in the U.S. on the 335i, since it's already available on the '09 335i in Europe and Australia, but there's been no word from BMW on this. In addition, there's more evidence that the DCT should make it into the 2010 335i, since BMW has already officially announced that this new 7-speed dual-clutch tranny (based on the M3's M-DCT tranny) will be an option in the soon-to-be-released 2009 (1/2) Z4 (although the new, redesigned Z4 may end up as a 2010 model though).

Does anyone know for sure? I would think that with competitors like Audi and Porsche (and even Nissan has a dual-clutch tranny in the GT-R) having the dual-clutch tranny would prompt BMW to make it more mainstream here in the U.S. as well as Europe, at least as an option on cars like the 335i and Z4.

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