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Aftermarket Install '09 E90 335i

I finally upgraded my stereo. I ordered my car as a non logic-7 with I-drive as I knew I would get around to this eventually. First, I am stationed in Germany and sourced some parts locally. If you don't recognize some of the brands listed below, that is probably why.

The specs...
Front components are Audio System, specifically for the 3-series
8" subs under the front seats are 2-ohm Earthquake SWS
Rear speakers are also Audio System specifically for the 3-series
There are two JL 10W6V2 subs in custom slit-ported boxes firing through the skisack
Signal processor/ frequency converter is a Helix AFC
Capacitor is a 50 farad hybrid by Rodek.
The components front and rear are powered by a Rockford Fosgate T600-4
The two 8" subs under the seat are powered by a Rockford Fosgate T400-2
The two JL subs are wired together for 1-ohm and powered by a Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bd with the bass remote wired in the armrest.

First impressions...
Is HOLY S!*T an impression? It should be. I was a little hesitant to use the Audio System components as I was unfamiliar with them, but wow. This system is probably overkill for 90% of the population, but it is very clear at even painful volumes. The staging and separation are fantastic, I could not be happier.

The Install...
Everything was installed for stealth, so what you see in the trunk is actually covered by a false floor. The ski sack opening is covered with a piece of black acoustic fabric so you can't see into the trunk. The cabin of the car looks completely stock.

I realize that I have used up a large portion of my trunk and added somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-110 pounds of weight, but the car will still charge to the Vmax limiter. Hope you like it.
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