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Unhappy HELP - "Engine Malfunction, Reduced Power"


This is exactly the error message displayed in the idrive display. Also, there is a yellow motor symbol that is half full (thus explaining the half power), and of course the "service engine soon" yellow light.

So this is what popped up yesterday out of nowhere on my 08 335 cab. I have searched here & the owners manual too, but no luck and wondering if anyone else has experienced this???

The car actually drives ok but with no power, so just running smoothly in reg auto mode and it shifts fine & stays in 2500 - 3000 rpm range. If I try to floor it just to see it turbo spools or anything else, it sputters and goes no faster or revs no higher.

then went to turn the car on this morning to see what's new, and first it wouldn't strat without the starter turning for 10 seconds before turning over & then stalled out. The 2nd attempt was les difficult with the engine trying to find a spot to hold & finally did and ran, but sure enough all the lights & warnings came back on. I have not driven it as I fear it could be fuel pump or injection system or worse. Obviously will need to take it in for service, but has anyone seen this or expeirenced this? hoping its a faulty sensor and nothing serious ....

If anyone has any feed back i would appreciate it. many thanks