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Talking Alpina D3 BT pics

Hi guys, quick clean and a couple of pics. Not the best I'm afraid but done my back in and in considerable pain. Anywho got back from a quick trip to the Cotswolds yesterday and now getting 40.9mpg. Only done 660 miles so far but its loosening up nicely. Came back on the A roads upto leicestershire and reminded me why its much more comfortable than the M sport and S line suspension.

Wheels: preferred the classics but on the BT the rears are not as deep dish and dont look as good. And these are easier to clean LOL

Sunroof: a long lost and forgotten option. expensive but nice

Sat nav: excellent and handy HDD rather than using an ipod. Expensive option when you consider the price

Steptronic gearbox: out of the B3, quick and ever so smooth. Much better than in the e9x

Engine: much smoother than the monoturbo, more frugal and cleaner. Very refined in comparison to all other 4 cylinder diesels out there. Race exhaust makes the car sound nicer too

Interior: black headlining does make the interior much darker than needs be with the black leather and black piano gloss, but having a sunroof negates the darkness.

Performance steering wheel: Fan-bloody-tastic if a little bit gimmicky, especially on an automatic diesel, but makes me use the manual switches more!

Handling: :-)

Styling: not to everyone's tastes LOL
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