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Originally Posted by therealm3
Look, I donít think people are disputing that the owners manual says to use M1 5-30. Just that it may be a typo as the 5-30 in Europe is different oil, and that may be where it came from. Mobil in the US only lists 0-40 as applicable for a modern BMW, so that is what I use. You are free to use what ever oil you want. Itís your car.

I agree with your reasoning for oil choice, but am curious about your statement of less wear. Is that based on the fact that a thinner oil will get up into the head and cyl. faster on start up? If so, wouldn't the 0-40 do a better job as it has a lower cold viscosity?

Yes thinner oils will circulate faster,important in an engine like the N52.

M1 0W40 is thicker at start up vs M1 5W30 until you get around to -40f,then it overtakes it.

M1 5W30 is also VERY shear stable so it will protect very well.