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Originally Posted by RedStripe
If you do a full Zaino procedure, can you just hose off your car with water for intermediate procedures? I'm willing to take two weekends or so a year to do a good and thorough Zaino job if I can just use my hose to wash off my car every few days. Is it necessary to use other products (like Z7, Z6, CA duster, etc.) to get your car clean after it's been well Zainoed?

If you can tell me that I can just hose off my car (during the intermediate phase, after beeing properly Zainoed) and it'll dry perfectly without water spots and such, I will be a Zaino user for life. Thanks.
The main thing to remember is once you have as many coats as you want of Z-5, to only wash it with the cheap car soap stuff...that stuff is designed to leave alone any wax finish on the car, and WATER SPOTS?!?! Yeah right!! all i can say is Z-6 BABY!!! :rocks: