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Dinan Stage 3 in retrospect

I write this as many tuners fight for being number one on the E90/E92 buyers guide. I went for the Dinan tune for a few reasons. I trusted it based on the history, I could afford it and I was worried about having a warranty voided.

It has been close to a year since I bought my car. If I could do it all over again I think I might do it different. Now I say this because of a few things. Dinan isn't right for everyone. Why is that? Well, in my case I don't drive my car more than 6-7k miles year. I have a company car so this car doesn't get driven every day. What that means is the 4yr/50,000 mile warranty doesn't mean as much if I don't put on the miles on my car. At the time I bought it sales and service guys scared me by saying, "we will void your warranty if..." or "Someone came in with blown turbos from one of those other tuners and he had to pay for it." Of course I thought, SH*t, that sucks! So went the way of Dinan and got sold on buying the stage 3 setup since my friend got me 20% off everything including labor. That helped but it was still steep. What I later realized is I am one of those that want to mod for more power later. Give me more hp I say! Dinan was limited with that. When I heard about a turbo swap down the road and other tunes I figured out that maybe I made a mistake. I did wonder how much I wanted to push it with a car that was German, expensive and hard fix on your own.

What I hear about the Procede from different sources tells me I might very well enjoy that on my car. It has more control for Octane levels. It has more power. Finally, it is always changing with the times. If I didn't have a Dinan flash on my car I would be willing to try it out, I can tell you that.

For now I will just enjoy my car the way it is and learn to drive it better the way it is. I may end up getting a different car to mod as a track car. If I do get a track car I can say that modding will probably stop after the wheels and tires I order for the E92.

This goes out to all the people that say Dinan owners are blindly backing the product without being honest. My car is fast, just not super fast. I have dyno'd it to know. I won't hit 400whp anytime soon but I am fine with that for now.
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