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cruise control

Hi guys,
My 2007 E92 (320d) has this little issue.
I was going through the manual and the manual says the car should display the selected speed on the little central display when selecting the cruise control to on, or increasing the selected speed etc. Mine doesn't. The cruise control system works. It maintains speed, slows down, accelerates and turns OFF. But the display unit show nothing about it even though the book says it should.
Have you guys any idea why this is? I already talked to the dealer and they reprogrammed the entire car to conclude it didn't help. They now claim that with the 'newer' cars this is simply the way it is(ie. no display of cruise control)
I don't really believe them because my manual says otherwise (checked the date of the manual: 2007 so correct)

You have any ideas, thoughts as how I can find out what's really going on?