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what do tell the dealership???

ok i have about 19000 miles on my 335i coupe and i finally have a day off friday so i can take my car to the dealers. i figure i am overdue for maintenance. I used the BT tool yesterday and I have no fault codes, but i will definitely remove by JB3 1.22 before i drop the car off. I'll also remove the sprint booster. my only other mods are the dual cones and wheel spacers for now. I don't even know if the dealer will give me any trouble for those. i hope they don't steal my spacers or something.

my car is an 08/07/2007 production model and i think i should have the 29.2 version. My BT scan tool says MSD80 as well.

My car has also been having problems with my Nav and sat radio lagging and freezing so i told them that i want that looked at. This means that they will probably go into the ECU and try to update it or whatnot...i don't know (maybe i'll get a free nav update).

My question here is that i want a list of which things the dealer NOT to touch or which things to fix or update. I've been reading the post here almost everyday but it can still get confusing.

So i guess first i tell them NOT to update my ECU to the new version? is that correct..most are saying V29.9 is better or did i get that wrong? But if they wana fix my nav/radio they may have to.

Second, do i ask them for that lag fix (forgot what it was called)?

What else am i forgetting? This may seem like common sense for some but i havent taken this car to the dealer before and i don't wana get screwed and then it'll be slower or have more lag. ANY opinion is appreciated.

oh and will the wheel spacers cause any trouble at the dealership?

Thanx guys