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some of these posts are dead on--some crack me up. Let me give my opinion since I own each, and have raced them many times against each other. I will even give you a vid...

stock-GRand Cherokee SRT8 will jump you off the line--and can run 13.3 in the 1/4 pretty consistently. After that it falls off hard-but not as hard as some here think. So-stock 335 will play catch up and then pass. V3--catch up as well but much quicker and easier pass. (335Xi will launch right with it-tuned will jump it out of the gate)

the other srt8s..well mine has just a tune and intake. It gets 404rwhp/400rwtq. It runs consistent 12.8s in the 1/4 on street tires with a best of low 12.7. It traps 111ish consistently--but -the 1/4 is its weakest link. at 111-its just warming up. Where it is deadly is from 100 -150 ish (top speed 174)

for those of you who say you "rape" them even with mods?? Well if your running JB3 on map 7 or 8, with race gas, you will slowly- and I mean slowly pull on my srt8 to about 130ish--and then it will close on you and pass you. If your running anything less--it will pull on you, slowly-right from the start of the roll race.

Here is a vid (advance to 4:50 into it)-my 335Xi on JB2HH, running a 12.5 with a 60 ft of 1.75. The SRT8 ran 12.8 with a 60 ft of 2.0. Don't laugh at the BMW--currently the fastest Xi out there on dragtimes (yes BOB-I expect you to get me while I am in florida-but I am coming back my friend). The srt8 was closing at the line and had this been another 1/16th mile-the srt8 would have passed.

My point is--at the 1/4 mile track is one thing--on the street from a roll is a whole nother thing. fyi--one of the sts-v cars in the vid was mine too.

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