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Originally Posted by srt8/bmw View Post
some of these posts are dead on--some crack me up. Let me give my opinion since I own each, and have raced them many times against each other. I will even give you a vid...

stock-GRand Cherokee SRT8 will jump you off the line--and can run 13.3 in the 1/4 pretty consistently. After that it falls off hard-but not as hard as some here think. So-stock 335 will play catch up and then pass. V3--catch up as well but much quicker and easier pass. (335Xi will launch right with it-tuned will jump it out of the gate)

the other srt8s..well mine has just a tune and intake. It gets 404rwhp/400rwtq. It runs consistent 12.8s in the 1/4 on street tires with a best of low 12.7. It traps 111ish consistently--but -the 1/4 is its weakest link. at 111-its just warming up. Where it is deadly is from 100 -150 ish (top speed 174)

for those of you who say you "rape" them even with mods?? Well if your running JB3 on map 7 or 8, with race gas, you will slowly- and I mean slowly pull on my srt8 to about 130ish--and then it will close on you and pass you. If your running anything less--it will pull on you, slowly-right from the start of the roll race.

Here is a vid (advance to 4:50 into it)-my 335Xi on JB2HH, running a 12.5 with a 60 ft of 1.75. The SRT8 ran 12.8 with a 60 ft of 2.0. Don't laugh at the BMW--currently the fastest Xi out there on dragtimes (yes BOB-I expect you to get me while I am in florida-but I am coming back my friend). The srt8 was closing at the line and had this been another 1/16th mile-the srt8 would have passed.

My point is--at the 1/4 mile track is one thing--on the street from a roll is a whole nother thing. fyi--one of the sts-v cars in the vid was mine too.

I miss my Jeep. There's a few other guys on here that had the Jeep
Srt8 besides myself. Jeff, and Jdred both had one. They may chime in.
There's not much out there in rear wheel drive form that can out launch the Jeep. If you run one from a roll, you have a better chance.
Mine was pretty heavily modded before I sold it. Without N2O, I was running 12.4's pretty consistently, trapping at 107-108 mph, with a 1.70 60 ft.
I had PP Heads, cam, headers back, Canned tune, phenolic spacers, cai....etc .etc. Never got a chance to run it at the track with the 150 shot though.