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I have 135i 6AT, DCI stock exhaust and stock intercooler,
94 Octane, 45F ambients
Procede canbus map stage 1 @ UT = 94%-95%.

I have logged my results with the FATS test on three different days and the results hover around a best time of 4.63 to a worst of 4.68 on the Stage 1 map (did runs in both directions on the same patch of road) with User Torque set at 95%.

My personal best on Stage 1 was a flooky 4.53 with user torque set at 94% but that was two days earlier and the intercooler temps at 6500 rpm were 17F cooler. As a result, my timing curve did not show any pull.

My graphs seem to show that the DME begins to pull timing around an IAT of 104F. My best run had less inital heatsoak and reached a peak IAT of 99F by 6900 rpm. The other runs hit peak IAT's of 117F

I tried one run on Stage 3 UT=82% setting after a day of adaptation and got calculated a time of 4.63.

So running a stronger stage 3 map (albeit at a much lower UT value and without the proper supporting modifications) did nothing to improve my times. But the placebo effect did make me think that Stage 3 felt stronger......but the numbers don't support my butt dyno.

That's what I like about this gives you an objective way to quantify and measure whether the changes made are actually making things better or worse.

Here is the log with no timing pull and IAT's below 100F (39C):

Here is the one with IAT's above 100F and timing pull:

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