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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
You really aren't hearing much from the people who voted for him anymore either.

Sure there are the people who understand and are just keeping their mouths shut, but where are all these crazy smart 18-25 y/o's and african americans that voted for Obama simply because he was the popular or black?

BTW... Anyone watching the current season of Real World on MTV? It's good laughs. One of the kids was in the military and he was soooo pumped about not going to be called backto Iraq if Obama was elected and he was going to pull troops. Well Obama got elected, he got his letter to be reinstated to the army and Obama is sending even more troops over. Ain't that a bitch haha
Well as far as the guy getting called back to Iraq.... Was he reserves or IRR? If IRR, then it is actually pretty stupid. But if he's a reservist, he's probably like so many other weekend warriors.... Thought he had a free ride through college or whatever else he decided to do. Granted, there are many good reservists, and not all of them fit that description, but I did notice, while I was in, that many of them was their duties as a nuisance.

I think our biggest issue with this last election was that people didn't see through Obama's empty promises. Now, whether that's because they let personal preference get in the way, or if they were just too uneducated to see that he was full of hot air, or if they liked what some Hollywood celebs said about him.... I dunno. I'm kinda clueless. This last election turned into a high school Senior Class President Campaign (popularity contest), and it didn't help that Bush has the IQ and speaking abilities of a kindergartener. McCain got thrown under the bus by his own simply because he ran under the Republican banner, and he made thw worst running mate decision in the history of mankind.

Obama voters, where is this magical "Change"? Where are the processes that will even start it? Maybe the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus will bring them?