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Originally Posted by rkan View Post
Response from an Obama voter:

Changing the course of the way government does things is not like turning an M3 around a cone on an autocross course, its like trying to get the Queen Mary out of an almost completely iced up bay to clearer waters ahead. Slow, with some casualties and pain, but in the end, better than getting stuck in the frozen bay of degregulation(banks!) , policies and politics of the last 8+ years. It took at least that long to have us end up here, and now after 3+ MONTHS you wonder where the change is? Do you stand at the microwave like Homer whining "Doh, why does microwave popcorn take so long?"

As far as the last national election, since the polls showed that the #1 thing on America's mind was the economy, it seems clear that a winning majority thought that the other side had thier chance and screwed it up, lets give the new guy a chance. And, oh yeah, the other thought from rational non cool-aid drinking people was..."Palin? Palin? Are you kidding me? Palin?" Talk about pandering to the extremists in the party. I actually liked McCain (except for his postion on the war).

It's sad that this forum has come to this kind of discussion. I look to this wonderful fountain of knowledge and enthusiasm for BMW as my escape from the day to day stuff, as I research and plan my purchase. Now the party fanboys have to come and shout thier platitudes to the masses and stink up my zen.

I actually see myself as a centrist leaning slightly left. But that position gets no respect in these anonymous forums. It seems you either need to be yelling "drill baby drill" or "(something left wingers shout with equal lack of forthought, knowledge and consequences)".

And when I served, I also noticed a "lack of commitment" of reservist who I worked with.

On with the show.
Well I didn't expect my comments to be met without ire.... Anyway, I'm not asking where the change is. I'm asking how he's going to make his own deadlines, for example, with the war, when Queen Mary is still steaming straight ahead.

I am actually very much in the middle as far as political views are concerned. I have never put myself under either banner, and I vote for the best candidate given the needs of the country. In that respect, it's easy to keep a good view of what's going on, on what parties are better with what aspects of running a country. If you elected a Dem to turn the economy around, I'm not sure what the basis there is.... And don't bother pointing out Clinton. We aren't sitting on another Silicon Valley here. Obama's reach into the GM hierarchy to fire Wagoner was simply a statement to make people beilieve he's serious about this. Wagoner was far from responsible for where GM is now; in fact some would argue that he's done a lot of things to start GM on the path to wherever it is they need to be.... GM is much like Queen Mary, too, and people need to realize that.

Wagoner's removal wasn't for the benefit of GM. It was to show the corporate world that Obama isn't a pushover. I'd almost liken it to bully tactics. But, as I learned in the Corps, sometimes a show of force can do wonders to influence how subordinates behave. There is a fine line there, though. Looks like Obama is the new "Decider."

You say one of the reasons you voted for Obama is that the Republicans had their shot for 8 years. Time for something new. Well, newer isn't always better.

I hope for the best now that he is in office. I really do. Once the election was over, I dropped all the pre-election issues I had with him, and I now just want the country to be on the road to recovery. I, however, still do have a problem with the promises he made for the Iraq timeline when he KNEW that it was pure bullshit. I don't like the fact that he used the war as leverage, making empty promises.... That strikes a very personal chord with me. I served 3 combat tours over there, close friends did die, even one as recently as two weeks ago.... Sure, we all want the troops home. But you can't use some pipe dream to give AMericans who don't know better false hope. I'm sorry.