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[quote=ragingclue;4827210]Well I didn't expect my comments to be met without ire.... "

IRE!!! IRE!!! YOU WANT IRE!!!!!??????? I'LL SHOW YOU IRE!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. Despite my reluctance to engage in "politcal" talk on an enthusiast forum, I can appreciate rational discourse on the subject matter rather than "W was a crook and a liar!" and " Obama is a Muslim!", and other pointless crap. But after "defending" and disproving countless forwarded email smear campaigns that ran through my office (I live in a VERY red state), I have come to the conclusion that the smallest minority on earth is the group of people in the very center of the very middle of the politcal debate who cant decide which "way of thinking" is the right way. So we all prattle on to hear ourselves talk and confirm how righteous we are in our course. The reality is most likely that most all of our braying falls on deaf (or dumb) ears, and most political beliefs in the near term are intractable. I do not propose an end to discussion, but just a cognisance of the futility of trying to deprogram your counterpart in the "other" cult.

C'est la vie....
or for the other side

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