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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I find it very weird, the market being so soft means you write your ticket. Leftover 2k8 E90 335's 8k off. Leftover M3's 11k off, the same car people "pre-ordered" and paid over list for.

We all know BMWs are not selling very well at this moment, so why would someone knowingly lock themselves into something? It's as if they're in that M3 sight-unseen gotta have it way of thinking. But the economic climate is totally different today.
My order will be placed this July or August for a Sept-Nov. delivery (depending on if I do ED or not), so do you really think the economy, MFs, financing, etc. will be any worse for consumers looking to buy/lease a new car in 3-4 months time from now? I highly doubt it.

Gentlemen...if you really didn't know it yet, things aren't exactly getting much better for the auto industry. We will be well into 2010 and possibly into 2011 before the auto mfgr's will become "more comfortable" again.

Really, guys? I'm not sure why a few of you are so confused about this? The simple truth is that my lease was ending at a strange time of the year, imho; i.e. May is right in between '09 and '10 MY cycles, so I simply decided to extend my lease and wait for the newer MY '10 model. In addition, my hope is in fact that the 7-speed DCT tranny will be available for the '10 335i Coupe, since it's already available in the '09 335i AND will be also available as an option for the '09 or '10 Z4. I really don't see what's so strange about waiting a few extra months to get the new model 335i. Personally, I think this is the smartest decision I could have made.

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