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I have Launch control on my '08 GTI DSG and have never used it. I just don't feel the need to thrash my transmission, tires and engine that way. Maybe I'm getting old, no I AM OLD according to my 8 year old daughter. This whole Launch Control frenzy happened 2 years ago on the VW/Audi forums when it first came out. After trying it once or twice just to see if the car is capable of doing it, most people don't even use it anymore since the novelty wears off quickly.

Truth is, although VW/Audi pioneered DSG (DCT in BMW speak) it is still not quite as smooth as the steptronic in my '08 335i. Honestly, the 335i step shifts faster UNLESS you are in sport mode in the DSG (DCT). The DSG is touted as shifting very fast however it has different shift modes and in routine normal driving there is a definite delay in shifting manually. However, when you are in sport mode the shifting is very fast. Most don't drive in sport mode all day long since it also holds shifting til near redline.