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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
That incident was 100% Hamilton's fault. He went COMPLETELY off line then hit the brakes. Thus he was way farther behind the safety car than the rules allow, which at the time was 5 car lengths. Coulthard and Vettel were following on the racing line, Coulthard noticed that he was about to overtake Hamilton, and braked accordingly. Vettel was caught out by severe braking where there shouldn't have been, and in a heavy rain no less. His collision with Coulthard was caused by a bad move on Hamiton's part.

I know I am most likely in the minority with my opinion. But that's what makes this debating all so much fun
It was actually Webber not DC.... Webber was all over Hamilton till the pace car came out, in second place, IIRC Red Bull was not a happy place after the incident, 2 potential podiums blown away by an inexperienced Vettel.

Sure, Hammy was offline and slowed dramatically but, as in real life, you rear end someone and YOU are to blame : )