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JB+ 100% 91 octane 4200ft elevation

So I bought my 2007 white 335i Sedan 2 weeks ago. First BMW and I love it. The power upgrades are so cheap that I can't pass them up. I just installed the JB+ and I have it set at about 60% right now. The only fuel I can find around here that's not leaded is 91 octane. I know they BMS says not to go to 100% unless you can run at least 93 in it. However, I'm in Utah at an elevation of 4200 ft. I used to own a supercharged vehicle and the elevation and the outside temps played a big role in how likely you were to start pinging. I never had to worry about 91 octane fuel in the winter here because I didn't experience any warning signs. Does elevation and outside temp play a role with the amount of boost you can run?

A second question is regarding the octane boost in a can. Does anyone know if it legitimately works?
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