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Thumbs up CANbus in Southern Hemisphere - Review

Okay so I was lucky to be on the early beta program for CANbus on the N54 platform - thanks Shiv for allowing me to be part of this.

Background I've been running since V1.47 when the car was new; mods wise the car has 2nd cat delete with free flowing exhaust, Ingen Intake, Forge DV, RR catch can, Quaife LSD and PSS9 coilovers. RR catted DP's are waiting for installation in my garage. Oh and I'm an AT if that matters.

I've had no real issues with the tune in the time I've been using it and have traveled 35,000 klms tuned. 2 issues the the car, one HPFP and a vano cam sensor (or something to that effect) -> Neither of these were due to the tune!!

So in short I've been running the new harness for several weeks without issue while the programming got sorted out by men with much better brain power than mine .

Shiv emailed me the 107 firmware last week while I was at a track day but i had some issues with it loading, I think it was probably something to do with my Macbook pro and the emulation software. Anyway finally got the 108 firmware loaded last night.

I re-installed the RevII this arvo and fired the beast up. All good so I turned the car off and induced some codes by a method I'll not disclose as it probably isn't the brightest thing for users to do on purpose, but codes were needed to ensure the primary CANbus functionality was working so codes were generated.

Rechecked the method of 'procede code clearing' with a quick call to one of the 'men with better brains than I' and jumped back into the car. Did the code clearing accelerator pedal method and started to drive home. No issues except I could not get the map changing flash to occur when pressing the remote buttons.

Another quick call to one of "the men with better brains than I" and it was thought that my remote batteries might be flat. So i grabbed the spare fob and yipee the double flash on the dash occurred

Once home I attached the BT cable and codes were all gone, not a single one was there. Given my method of 'inducing codes' in earlier testing generated 15+ it's a sure sign the CANbus clearing was working via the procede.

So in summary both code clearing and map indication functions work 100% in the southern hemisphere.

In terms of the latest user maps I was honestly stunned with the difference, and I was pretty damn happy when torque targeting maps were released.

Most of my drive home was on map 1 with UT at 80% due to the remote battery issue I had and I felt it was better than the earlier maps at 90%. But when I changed to map 2 with UT at 90% the low end torque pulls like no other iteration of the procede tunes I have ever tried.

I need to do some datalogging to check boost levels etc but in the meantime well done to the 'men with better brains than I' at Vishnu as you make the N54 driving experience better each time you improve the tune.