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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
That incident was 100% Hamilton's fault. He went COMPLETELY off line then hit the brakes. Thus he was way farther behind the safety car than the rules allow, which at the time was 5 car lengths. Coulthard and Vettel were following on the racing line, Coulthard noticed that he was about to overtake Hamilton, and braked accordingly. Vettel was caught out by severe braking where there shouldn't have been, and in a heavy rain no less. His collision with Coulthard was caused by a bad move on Hamiton's part.

I know I am most likely in the minority with my opinion. But that's what makes this debating all so much fun
i agree in most of the part (given i'm Hamilton's fan...but very disappointed with the trulli-lie drama ) but during the Japan GP 2007...that was safety car many cars drive off line to keep the full wet tires moist....
actually in most SC period....u dun see too much cars kept in "racing line"...instead they accelerate and brake and swerve to keep the tire temperature (dry-warm).....
i agree it was a very bad move started with hamilton....the M Webber caught the hard brake so he braked accordingly (not to break the rule-no passing during SC and yellow)....but Vettel was obstructed by the rain so he didn't see much until the flashing LED of Webbing approaching fast.....