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Originally Posted by THE JEDI View Post
Friend of mine who's in the Military purchased a BMW from the Military Sales outlet of BMW....So he's going to be stationed back in MD, this guy is a Veteran of Both Gulf you know our Military people are not the best payed and BMW offers the cars at a discounted price as a way to say "THANK YOU".....but heres the kicker..he went to Russel to introduce himself and to say hey, my car is going to be delivered here, I'd like to make contact with you, I want you guys to handle my service..and by the way I want to purchase some after market options....All of a sudden the manger of the dealer is like..excuse me sir, I have been here for 7 years..we don't want Military Sales cars here, and we don't want them delivered to the dealer go else where..........THAT IS FUCKED UP not like the car is sent there for free...and the fracking dealer gets about $300 for just taking delivery of the car..I think this is really a messed up way to show our troops how we take care of them..Being from Baltimore, and knowing Russel when it was just a Toyota dealer, and before that it was called Jerrys fucked up, and to all buyers this is what this guy and his dealerships thinks of our fine Military members current and former...he's saying go %^&* ya-self. I hope you all read this and let them know you can't treat our troops like crap.

Russel has done something like this before. If you do search in 1addicts forum, there is a story where the CA (Korey Mathews) sold a car that was ordered by one of the forum members !!

I sent few e-mail to them asking if they treated their customers that way and they never replied.

Few months ago, my tire pressure sensor went off due to the extreme cold. Since I didn't want to drive on it all the way home and I was only few miles from Russell, I called and drove over there. I arrived at the dealership at 5:45PM. It was a mad house, I barely had enough space to get in the service area. There was female SA that was yelling at the customer that pulled up too close to the automatic garage door opener sensor. She didn't want the door opened due to the cold. When I was finally approached by SA, he says you don't have a flat. So I told him I was concerned about driving with low air pressure so I brought it in to have it looked at . He says "Well, I don't have anyone to take a look at your car now. can you come back tomorrow ?" . I said "OK" and left . I have never gone back. I now take my car to other BMW dealership that are farther away from me. And Yes I bought my first BMW from these guys when they had the Toyota and BMW dealership in same tiny lot.

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