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Originally Posted by Ramos View Post
You did not answer my question..
And by the way the rear wing size is decreased not increased while the front wing is now wider.. So my question was: were they trying to increase front down force while decreasing rear down force? Won't that make the cars more prone to spining and oversteer all over the place? Was that the intent? If so that would explain why the diffusers are so important now
This was your question:
Originally Posted by Ramos View Post
What was the point of making the front wing wider again?
I answered your question. "Well they did remove all of the dozens of tiny areodynamic wings from 08, hence the increase in size of the front/rear wings to maintain the needed downforce"

They outlawed all the winglets, turning vanes, chimneys etc. decreasing downforce...dramatically. To compensate, they lowered the front wing, made it wider and added ~6deg of adjustiblity. Oh and BTW the rear wing is taller and narrower. It's like E90SLAM said, "the purpose is to clean up "turbulant air" caused by all the wing add ons and the big rear cars can move closer together and overtake...."

As far as the diffuser is concerned, I don't quite understand the impact really. They placed the diffuser further back. It's front edge is level with rather then ahead of the rear axle, it has also been made longer and higher. All of these changes actually reduce downforce. I don't understand. I also heard that some of the rule changes were meant to try and reduce tha astronomical spending and to 'level' the playing field.