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Originally Posted by LJ35DRVR View Post
I also don't understand all the animosity. Its not really that difficult. Dude likes to lease his cars. Old lease is up, time for a new one. 2010 model might have some features that 09 doesn't, no harm in waiting.

Listen, I hate to be the one to break it, but NOT EVERYBODY is struggling right now. For some people, putting down $500 to extend a lease is like buying a big mac for lunch.

Most people reading this forum drive BMWs. That means that most people on this forum should be recession proof. If you spent $40K plus on a BMW in 06 or 07 but now can't afford it because of "the recession" then you probably didn't plan well.

BL, anybody that ever spend 40 grand on a car should be able to understand how a person can put 500 bucks down on a lease and not think twice about how he maybe could have saved a couple thousand by buying an 08 model.

Thank you. Finally, someone who sees it for what it is. And, yes, you are correct sir...the business I'm in isn't hit too hard by the deep recession; business for me remains very strong and it's also a major plus to be well reimbursed by my company for car expenses.

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