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You'd be stupid to not see right through the authors "clever" use of words. First of he doesn't like Obama more than the next guy.
Secondly, increased government spending is REQUIRED for an economy to get out of recession. If Bush didn't waste all of the taxpayer dollars, Obama wouldn't have to borrow.

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I like Obama more than the average guy, but I am jaded and think the concept of throwing money at the economy is just a way for him to pay back many thousands of Democrat leaders and groups that felt he "owed" them for his meteoric rise to the top.

We thought Bush's ridiculous spending policies were bad. I mean, Bush sucked and all (look at him take the budget surplus in 2000 and turn it into deficits), but Obama just takes that deficit and beats the hell out of it, absolutely annihilating all previous deficit records.

This is what scares me (source is Washington Post):