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What I was told, by the owner of the dealership I buy from whom I've known personally for quite some time, is that once BMW delivers their performance tune there will be rippling affects to dealerships that are Dinan dealers. What that actually means is anybody's guess; from not being able to sell it to who knows. I can hardly fathom they could negate a warranty with Dinan and the cars owner based on that. Fact is once Dinan flashed the warranty is carried by Dinan and BMW warranty is negated now and as always. They simply have an agreement to not involve the customer in the middle. Maybe if this ever happens you'll have to pay for warranty repairs and then get reimbursed by Dinan, maybe have to go to Dinan independent shops for warranty repairs? Anybody's guess but until that happens it's the same as it has been for years. As far as the CPO thing goes, once flashed BMW will not CPO the vehicle, if vehicle is already CPO'd Dinan matches the CPO warranty for 2 years and up to 100K miles. As far as I haver been told anyone telling you the agreement is voided now is speculating and this speculation has been in place for months now. Toad is completly right on this.