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I've used it for several times now, even two times today. One of which my friend did it, and got caught by the police They don't seem to like the smell of burning rubber in the Netherlands heheh..

He got off with a fine of 150 euro's (around 180 dollars) for causing too much noise. Usually a burnout means an "article 5 offence" in the nederlands, and will cost you you're drivers license for a couple of days (or months if it isn't the first time). But this officer was polite, lucky us!

Anyway, it's quite simple. As the post above mine said:

- Hold the DTC button for about 10 seconds pressed (traction control (DSC) is now completely off)
- Push the gear lever to the left and pull it down once to put the gearbox in M1
- Also push the sport button onder the gear lever once
- Push the brake pedal with your left foot and hold it there
- With your right foot, you push your acceleration pedal to the floor (using kickdown) and wait until rpm is around 2,5k
- At least, lift your left foot from the brake pedal and off you go

By the way: some people say the're getting a finish flag symbol, but I dont.

Today I discovered there is a "shortcut" to get launched! Because it's an automatic gearbox, you always brake when you're waiting for a traffic light. Now when you hold your brake:

- Push the gearlever to the left en pull it down again to get it in M1
- Let go of the brake with your right foot and push the acceleration pedal as soon and fast as you can to the floor (again kickdown) with again your right foot.

The car will rev up very fast and the clutch will come in when you're about 6k rpm. It's the same thing when using launch control, except you don't have to hold down the gas and the brake at the same time.

Only this afternoon the gearbox went automatically into Drive while launching, probably some kind of a protection for damaging the gearbox or clutch. I've told there are several built-in sensors and protections to keep you from frying your gearbox. Probably this was one of them.

PS: launch control will only work if you've driven around 10km (or 6 miles) to get your gearbox warmed up!

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