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Well said.
Originally Posted by Bob Long View Post
No that is not why I am here. I see there is a huge folllowing on here for Shiv and there is nothing wrong with that, but please take time to think outside the box if you have any knowledge on turbo kits and not just follow the leader.

I understand I go against the grain here and I do not follow the status quo, but it is my opinnion, it doesn't make it wrong. Also if you had something of value of the tech source then maybe you could keep it on topic and stop making off topic and idiotic posts. Obviously you have nothing to offer so please stay out of the thead. Maybe someone besides Shiv (the owner and seller of a piggyback) that would like to tell me why a piggyback over a full controlling flash?

Note: I am all for the success of this turbo kit and I do appreciate the ground breaking event that Shiv and Amid are putting towards this. It can only grow from here. Please do not read too much into my posts and it may sound a little pessimistic but its really not meant in that manner; I thought this was a public forum to present any opinnions and ideas or thoughts???