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Originally Posted by runningman View Post
Very true, he does. Both the Subaru and Mitsubishi tunes were piggybacks before they were flashes. The piggybacks #1 benefit is relatively little R&D required. You can take a piggyback and adapt it to any car in a matter of days once you know what you're doing. You can also keep reinventing it every few months to always have something hot to sell customers. That is why these vendors like them so.

Just don't confuse easy to bring to market profitable piggybacks for true integrated tuning. As soon as flash hardware became available, and helped by competitors who undercut the price points with a better quality tune, the Vishnu piggybacks in both Subaru and Mitsubishi applications dried up.

None of this really has anything to do with the turbo upgrade though so lets keep it on topic. A piggyback system is good enough for dyno numbers type tuning.
Sorry to continue - but there is no confusion. The biggest problem for the end user with flashes is the lack of an interface. Our ECU's are the classic example. Everytime you get an update - flash is wiped out (how many updates have been released so far?). Then what - travel to the tuner for a reflash. What a PIA. In the three years I had my STI I never had an ECU update so the flash was a none issue. Clearly PB's have done a lot more than just produced good dyno numbers. In fact all the fastest performance numbers have been produced by PB's and not flashes on the 335 so far.