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Just as long as we are on this whole reflash vs. piggyback tangent, here's the real story:

Yes, a reflash can control things that our PROcede can't (at this time, at least). Such as:
-Rev limit
-knock filtering
-throttle by wire mapping
-vanos mapping

That's about it.

-The rev limit adjustment is meaningless unless you build your engine to safety support more revs.
-The knock filtering adjustment is of no advantage since the factory knock control system works so well.
-Throttle by wire mapping is of no relevance either since the factory mapping is so nice. The fact that we are able to make 500bhp and have the car be perfectly drivable at partial throttle doesn't have me scrambling to remap the throttle tables.
-The Vanos mapping is also of no real significance. We've already had the PROcede adjust that back when we were developing the v3 PnP harness. We managed to pick up no power.

In conclusion, there isn't merit in changing things just so you can say that they have been changed. Most of the time, you are only going to make it worse.

As for things that the PROcede can do that reflashes won't do:
-Implement safety systems for meth
-Implement real-time user map switching and valet modes
-Read/clear codes
-Allow for real-time tuning (you tuners will know that having to do a 15 min flash after every single change you do isn't conducive to good tuning).
-Be completely invisible to all diagnostics
-Sidestep the whole torque management issue that is plaguing reflash tuners
-Implement active dash displays

Unlike the first list, I think all these advantages are useful to the end user. Not just on paper.