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Originally Posted by ages944
I'm very pissed off right now....
I started my car up this evening, and it was ticking... grrr. If it does it tomorrow, it's going in to service. This is crap.
Ages944, I am really sorry to hear the ticking is back. Your car was tick free for 6 month or so after repare, right?
I've got the same problem: tick free for a month or so after sevice and it is back now. Actually I heard ticking for a first time after repare few weeks ago and was waiting to see if it gets worse or not before calling for service. The story unfortunetly seems to be repeating itself -- it does get worse and worse. So this time around I am not waiting untill ticking is there almost every day. I've got a service appointment for 10/23 (soonest they have a loaner). Let's keep this thread alive with our progress. Hopefully between your service depo and my we'll get this ticking problem resolved for good. I still have faith in BMW service. Hopefully I won't be disappointed (and hopefully they won't keep my car there for a month like last time).