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Originally Posted by msinfo_us
Ages944, I am really sorry to hear the ticking is back. Your car was tick free for 6 month or so after repare, right?
I've got the same problem: tick free for a month or so after sevice and it is back now. Actually I heard ticking for a first time after repare few weeks ago and was waiting to see if it gets worse or not before calling for service. The story unfortunetly seems to be repeating itself -- it does get worse and worse. So this time around I am not waiting untill ticking is there almost every day. I've got a service appointment for 10/23 (soonest they have a loaner). Let's keep this thread alive with our progress. Hopefully between your service depo and my we'll get this ticking problem resolved for good. I still have faith in BMW service. Hopefully I won't be disappointed (and hopefully they won't keep my car there for a month like last time).

msinfo_us, Sorry to hear that your noise is back as well. Yes, my car was noise free for about 7mo.

Yeah, my service dept has been very cool to me every time I have had to go in for service, and I really appreciate that. Makes the whole process easier. What is irritating the hell out of me though is that a bunch of people seem to have this problem, and that it is recurring. I wish BMW would make sure that its suppliers can make a decent friggin part.

MonacoBimm, the noise in question is the result of faulty valve lifters. I've had them replaced once before, and I am worried that I will have to have them replaced once again.
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