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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Well done Carlos.

You must be on first name terms with the guys at the pod now

Well I made two visits last year. Considering i atually enjoy it I want to go as many times as i can this year.

Some days are slow (Uk7) other days are fast!

Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
Well done Mr Fandango

ps.. you still can't catch me though
LOL, and I wont catch you now unless I get an M6.

But I dont know of any other 335i which has run quicker than 13.1 yet (Closest is Kin's 400bhp one with a 13.3).

Which is pretty cool.

Yours though is another level now.

Also cheers Mike, steve A, Paulie and Zaine.

Originally Posted by Serjames View Post
good time bro !!

Very impressive. I think we're seeing your skills now more than the DXB to be honest.

I mightn just let you do mine so I can actually get a decant time

You could become our official Stig !!!

"I shall call him Mini-Stig!"


LOL, Id love to bash out a time for ya. Give me a few runs to settle into the different car but ill give it ago

Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
Sounds like you need a quicker car now Carlos... the DXB is holding you back.

LOL.. i rekon so now.

But what next..?!
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