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Originally Posted by bren335i View Post
since Terry doesn't have meth integration or canbus, or even upgraded turbo work done, he does a glory pull on race gas while signing the cross before he hits the loud pedal to draw some attention back his way.

cute. At the expense of his car.
Expense of his car or not or the expense of his reputation or not, Terry wanted to send one of us that same map to use at the drag strip (last night) but he had tested it too late and we had already made our way down without the uploading equipment.

That "turbomelter" map runs at 17.5psi. I met a Procede V3 fellow who ran stage II non-doomsday on his DCI only 335i and he was averaging 16psi (according to him) across the RPM band. That was more than the map we ran last night as I saw 14-15psi at most.

Risky or possibly not that risky, some people have the balls to run their cars at very high boosts for a few instances to see what results they get.