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Originally Posted by Former_Boosted_IS View Post
That is really not necessary. Meth integration is going to be part of the JB3 as Terry has confirmed. If Shiv and Terry can tune the stock turbos, then they can tune upgraded turbos. There is no magic here.

If anything you are corect that canbus integration is part of the Procede.

Let's all just try to keep this from turning into a mess. Both tunes really are great products and everyone that owns an N54 should be glad there is competition. The prices on both the JB line and Procede line have dropped because of the competition and we as consumers have all won.
+1 Let both tuners experiment and do whatever they like. I'd rather them break turbos, driveshafts, pistons, what have you in an effort to find out what the limits of the car are.

Makes sense to me.