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nice DIY and pics! When I did mine, I made my own "custom" piece using a pen cap, synthetic cork from a bottle of wine and an old credit card. I forgot to take pictures along the way, but here's the gist of it... 1) find a pen cap that will fit into the back of the switch. push it into the hole. 2) trace and cut the top of the original piece (make sure the notch is able to clear the plastic that's sticking out on the side of the switch housing. I made mine a little bigger the the original). the cut piece of credit card will go on top of the cork. it's purpose is to have a ridgid surface to press the 2 buttons simultaneously. 3) open a bottle of wine that has a synthetic cork and start drinking. 4) cut the cork to size. I used a utility knife. you want to get the height as close to the original as possible when it's all assembled. My piece was considerably longer then the original because my pen cap went all the way to the bottom of the plastic switch. the original stops on the stop tabs about 1/2 way down. i used a quick curing 2 part model glue. Things to note.... the cork was a little offset from center when gluing to the pen cap. I trial fit the pieces prior to gluing, making sure the installed piece was the same height as the original. if you dont have 2 part model glue, a glue gun will probably work just as well.