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Originally Posted by WallyF View Post

What did you set the spark plug gap to?

Per manufacturer's web page, I found NGK ILZFR6D11 plugs are set for 0.044" and Bosch FR7NP332 are set for 0.040".

Also, both NGK and Bosch are HEX(6 sided) plugs. Why do you need a 12 point 5/8 socket?


sorry bud you should have sent me PM as I don't frequent this site that often. If it is not too late, I did not check the gap You know me, I am not too mechanically savy but thanks for pointing that out for other members.

I got the plugs from Tischer and thought it was gap for my car? I think a 12 point socket has thinner wall so you can fit into the chamber. But so far, car run great ever since I had changed the plug.
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