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Eurocharged Tuning For The N52

****UPDATED 4/21/09****
Ok so here is the story. I went down to Chicago on April 10th and worked with Tony from the Eurocharged team on my 328 and successfully reflashed the ECU on the car. We only had a short time to work with on the car we were able to pull out some power from changing the ECU maps. The drive back up here to Madison was quite enjoyable... the car was pulling harder than I had ever felt. J BONE and I enjoyed some nice pulls on the highway in the car and both agreed this was going to be something good. Tony told me this was the 1st dynoed (and thus officially "tuned") N52 he's done, so they just started me out with the map they created but were not able to tweak anything due to our time shortage.

Last week, Tony and I set up a date (which was today) to get back on a dyno because he wanted to play around with the maps some more, Tony felt like there was still a bit more tweaking possible to get more power out of the car... he was right.

My gains after the 1st tune were:
9ft/lbs torque (peak)

The car felt stronger in the mid range rpms and that is because we had the torque spiking up at about 4500 rpms but we didn't gain much horsepower and although the increase felt nice, it was a bit "jerky" at times... the power just came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly.

This time around, we were able to try some different variations and finally got what we were looking for... nice smooth gains in both torque AND hp.

Gains after round 2 were:
6ft/lbs wheel torque (peak gain but gained a lot more in the mid range)

Above you'll see the dyno sheet (sorry I need to rescan it, got lost on the site that was hosting it). Blue is torque, Red is hp and if you look closely you'll see the lighter colors are the baseline running stock and the darker ones are after the tune (sorry they aren't more color defined... just remember obviously the numbers went up, not down).

You will notice a few things here:

1. Torque is increased not only for a short band in the rpm's, but all throughout which makes the car pull a little harder from start to finish... it also feels MUCH smoother like it should. It is hard to see in the dyno graph because its zoomed out so much, but the torque curve is actually a little flatter and higher up in the low rpms which means even though it gained only 6 (peak), it went up about 8 to 10 in the part of the rpm band that counts (2500-4500 rpms).

2. HP went up as well. Unlike the torque curve, it actually gains more as you get higher in the rpm band (meaning the gap widens the higher you go). The peak HP was also extended from 6200 rpms to 6500 before it starts to dip back down.

I have determined by using some math and some knowledge from Tony and one of the techs, that my drive train loss factor is appx 20% (AWD). Also, I have been told a Mustang dyno reads about 10% less than a dyno jet or dyno dynamic so if we factor that into the numbers:

12hp x 1.3 = Almost 16 (15.6) hp at the crank
6ft/lb x 1.3 = 8ft/lb at the crank

So that is uniformly what you should see in gains 16hp & 8ft/lb when factoring in any drive train loss between rwd and awd or by loss on the dyno itself.

This was the 1st dynoed N52 tune to my knowledge and after a VERY long wait for us N52 owners, and some positive results to show for Tony's hard work... us NA guys finally have something to look forward to in adding some significant power to our cars.

Here is a link to their website... probably no info on the tune for the N52 just yet but you can poke around if you like. I would try to contact them directly about tuning the N52 motor.

3 options for getting the tune would be:

1. If you are in Chicago you can have Tony and the Eurocharged team install the tune for you in person. - (This is the best option for any 330/325 guys because a specific reflash has not been made for your cars yet, they will most likely base it off of the 328 flash but tweaking could be necessary.)
2. They can ship you the tuning computer to hook up to your car and download the maps, all you have to do is send back the tool after the tune is downloaded into your ECU. - (This will require a credit card number just in case... we are dealing with expensive equipment here.)
3. You can send in your ECU to them and they will do it for you and send the tuned ECU back to you.
4. You also might be lucky enough to catch Tony and the Eurocharged team in your area... they travel a lot so contact them to find out.
5. **UPDATED 3/23/10** Eurocharged is now selling hand held flashing units to go with the tune (for an extra price obviously). For all of you concerned with not being able to flash back or remove the tune for service you can now use the hand held flashing units with the tune to go back and forth from stock/tuned at your leisure.

Check out the website for more info.
If any upgrades are made to any of these tunes you will be entitled to the latest version of the flash at no extra cost!

Tony and the Eurocharged guys have been phenomenal to work with, I HIGHLY recommend them!!!!

Thanks Tony


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