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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
Ok so I hate to start this off with a teaser but I have a tee time in about 25 min I need to get to. Basically here is the short of it. I went down to Chicago yesterday and worked with Tony from CS Tuning on my 328 and successfully reflashed the ECU. I will post up the exact baseline and post flash numbers when Tony gets back to me but after only a short time to work with we were able to pull out a few more ponies from the engine and most noticeably some more low and mid range torque. The drive back up here to Madison was quite enjoyable... the car pulls harder now from about 2500-5k rpms. I am setting up another date to get back on a dyno with Tony and the guys at CS Tuning because we think there is still a bit more they can tweak to get a little bit more power out of the car.

Stay tuned and I'll edit this post when I have all the correct numbers from Tony and possibly a dyno sheet to show our initial gains.

This was the 1st dynoed N52 tune to my knowledge and after a VERY long wait for us N52 owners, and some positive results to build on... us 328 guys finally have something to look forward to in adding some significant power to our cars.

how significant? can u throw out some estimated numbers...
can't wait for the dyno results.
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