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335i muffler in detail

So yesterday,I and a friend of mine decided to use the spare time to look inside the 335i muffler

We carefully unmounted the whole exhaust up to the pipes that lead to the downpipes.
Then we cut it open and well,it was quite suprising how simple the muffler was constructed.
But one thing was quite weird...
In the left muffler,there is a small section that looks like a cat.
So we looked through the exhaust tips using a flashlight and found catalytic material inside as well as any insulating material if it was used as a small extra muffler.
So what is this thing good for?
Another thing I was wondering is : what is the connecting pipe between the two seperate mufflers good for?
Maybe to get a better flow if one muffler seems to "clog" or has a less good exhaust stream flow..

here are some pics to see what I`m talkin about
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